Quebec City Predicts Every ash Tree Will Disappear by 2030

At the beginning of 2023, I opened a café in the beautiful Saint-Jean-Baptiste neighborhood, in Quebec City. To build the furniture for deTerroir café, we called upon the talent of Christophe Vandal, a carpenter in Saint-Féréole-les-Neiges. He was able to recuperate the wood of ash trees that were cut down, because the were infected by […]

Signé Cameline’s Camelina Oil wins Canadian First at SIRHA in France

It’s a Canadian first. The Mauricie’s Signé Cameline won first prize in the Innovation & marketing category at the Salon international de la restauration, de l’hôtellerie et de l’alimentation in Lyon, France. Signé Cameline produces camelina oil in Quebec. Their winning recipe calls upon roasting the camellia seeds before pressing them into oil. I spoke […]

Local alternatives to expensive lettuce

With a fresh blanket of snow covering most of Quebec now, you might not be thinking of your next vegetable harvest. But there are ways to grow certain products indoors, even in the dead of winter. I get a few tricks from Pierre-Antoine Gilbert, teacher at the Cegep de Victoriaville, with the National Institute of […]

Veteran food writer Micheline Mongrain-Dontigny’s work celebrated

Charlevoix food writer Micheline Mongrain-Dontigny was inducted into the 2022 The Taste Canada Awards Hall of Fame this month. I reached out to Micheline to find out what this recognition means to her, after 35 years of dedicated work for Quebec’s culinary heritage. Listen here! READ & WATCH : Fad for Daisy Capers

The lost art of artisanal vinegar-making is resurrected on Île d’Orléans

When Vincent Noël set out to become an artisanal vinegar-maker, he travelled throughout Europe — to Poland, Scandinavia, Italy and France — to see how it was done. What he discovered left him disappointed. « Most of the vinegars we found was made from white vinegar, flavoured with fruit juices or essences, » said Noël. « It was almost […]